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Wedding Package

2 Sessions - Trial and Final                                                                                  $75

[Includes pH (PRE) spray and moisturizing (POST) spray for each session]

Tanning Trial:
It is recommended to schedule your trial tan (2 days before) your hair/make up trial. This allows for your makeup artist to select the perfect foundation and accurately depict how ‘your look’ will be for the day of. 
Ideally you would want these to be 2-3 weeks or more before your wedding. This will allow enough time for the trial tan to run its course and ensure there’s no overlapping, between the two tans. Cutting the trial and the final too close together can be problematic and something you shouldn’t have to stress about! 

When to book Final:
If the tan is scheduled 2 or 3 days before your wedding, the tanning bronzer will not continue to ‘rub off’ onto your dress. You will have 2/3 showers in between, so it will not continue to rub off. This also allows for your tan to soften, for the most natural looking bronze. 2 days in; is the best color day in airbrush tanning and perfect for pictures. You will also be covered for rehearsal dinner without having to worry about having any mishaps or shedding tears of happiness.

Scheduling other beauty services:
Any manicures, pedicures, waxing, facials, hair cuts/color and massages should all be scheduled before coming in for your airbrush tan. I will be your last stop in your sequence of pampering schedule. This ensures that other services and products or procedures do not interact with the development of your airbrush tan.
-You can schedule your nails and tan the same day; nails in the morning and tan in the afternoon/evening. I would just have them skip the lotion after. Or if you have time to rinse in between, that’s perfect! You can even rinse or use wipes here in the salon, when you come in.
-Do not worry about the tan ruining your nails, because I can assure you that it won’t! The tanning solution easily wipes clean on ANY nail polish color, even a clear coat, immediately after your spray session (which will be done). If you don’t plan on having your nails done, I would highly suggest applying a clear coat on your nails prior to tanning, since the solution can tint natural nail beds.  

The following sequence of services would be the most ideal timeline:
Hair cut/color, massage and facials- earlier in the week of
Waxing, nails, then tan - 2/3 days before