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What to expect:

For the BEST results, you’ll want to arrive to your appointment fully prepped.

However, it will still work if you are in a pinch, booking last min or coming straight from work.

I have all items at the salon if you need to use anything prior.

You may tan in whatever you’re most comfortable wearing. And if you want 'tan lines' or no tan lines. 

(Undergarments, bathing suit, topless or fully nude)

You will not be able to get wet, heavily sweat or put any products on your skin for the duration of your development time. 

(8-24 hrs for Standard and 1-3 hours for the Rapid)

Make things easy on yourself and try to get the ‘messy’ chores out of the way first. Such as: cooking, cleaning, bathing kids/pets, washing the car, trying on clothes, etc. That way you won’t have to worry about having any mishaps afterwards.

It is best to schedule other beauty services before being sprayed. Hair, nails, massages, facials, waxing, etc.

>>However, if you are just doing gel nails and not soaking your feet... you may do them after. Preferably the next day or after your first rinse.

You will not be able to do laser hair removal for 1-2 weeks after spraying.

Minimize high impact/heavily sweaty exercises for the first few days.

Avoid hot tubs, pools, oceans, steam rooms, saunas, hot springs, lakes, rivers.

Avoid taking extra long hot showers or baths.

Some skin products may make your tan prematurely or fade blotchy. 

Avoid products that will exfoliate or dry out your skin.

Products such: Aloa Vera gel or after-sun lotions, anti-aging, acne, exfoliating scrubs/face washes, parabens, sulfates, perfume/fragrances, most oils, or products with a high alcohol content in them.

With the proper prep and maintenance routines: you can expect to see ‘just off the beach color’ for about a week.

*prep info is provided in confirmation email after booking and maintenance info will provided after your session*

For continuous color: expect to come weekly or bi-weekly for a new application.

You will want the first one to fade off, almost completely (or scrub off any remaining remnants) before getting the next. If any areas remain blotchy, your next tan will only accentuate those areas and cause the next application to fade unnatural and uneven.

When to schedule:

For weddings, special events & photo shoots= 2 days before

For vacations= 1-2 days before

For just because= ASAP

When looking for the best option in Reno for a spray tan. You found it. Brandi is amazing and helpful, always nailing the correct color and tones. Appointments are simple and quick. Want the best? You found her.

Dustin - GOOGLE review

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